Kaç Çeşit Basınç Sensörü Vardır?

How Many Types of Pressure Sensors Are There?

About all our devices such as the Melt Pressure Sensor and Plastic Pressure Transmitter...

Many of the people who want to buy a pressure sensor do not know which type of pressure to buy. With the rapid development of technology, many pressure mechanisms can be produced. We, as a company, tell all our customers about the usability of all our devices such as Melt Pressure Sensor and Plastic Pressure Transmitter; We also provide consultancy services to them about which sensors are the most suitable according to the work they do. However, today we will talk about the usage areas and effects of the four sensors.
Strain Gauge Pressure Sensor: It is frequently used in medical fields, barometers and measurements. The purpose of this sensor, which is applied to flexible diaphragms, is to regularly measure the strain of the machine according to the applied force.
Capacitive Pressure Sensor: This product, which is adjusted to the diaphragms showing the capacitive feature, can be added to the devices after certain changes. The purpose here is to keep the devices under control by changing the sensor according to the applied pressure.
Capacitive Differential Pressure Sensor: This device, which has the same feature as the capacitive sensor, differs in that it can only make two different measurements. While the flexing properties are still the same, the pressure can be measured from the exit point in two ways.
Piezoelectric Pressure Sensor: It is among the most preferred sensors in almost all sectors. The fact that it is both useful and durable helps companies to become one of the most preferred products. This Pressure Sensor device creates a recording by measuring with the piezoelectric effect.
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