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Melt Pressure Transducers Used in Extruders

What You Need to Know About the Melt Pressure Transducer Used in Extruders ..

Melt pressure transducers are used to improve extruder output and melt its quality, increase production safety and protect your machines. Meeting product quality specifications, such as part sizes and surface quality, with minimum material waste, requires maintaining optimum processing pressure during production. Following a few simple guidelines ensures your sensors have a long life and ensures accurate, reliable measurements.
Why does it perceive melt pressure?
Melting pressure instrumentation in an extruder can range from a single transducer measuring a pressure point to a series of transducers connected to instruments that measure the entire process and record data, sound an alarm, provide alerts for corrective actions, and transfer relay information. a process control system.
Stable output with less scrap and material waste, together with a pressure control device, are protected by pressure transducers at the die inlet. Pressure measurements on a screen pack and melt pump are also important for safety and optimum performance.
A melt transducer downstream of the display pack will alert operators if flow to the mold is restricted, while one of the upstream direction of the display pack will warn about a high pressure condition that can cause excessive wear to the thrust bearing of the screw. For processors using melt pumps, measuring both the inlet and outlet pressures ensures a constant melt flow in the mold and reports any restrictions in the melt flow that could damage the pump.
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