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Sand Industry aims to provide “Quality, Economic, Timely” service to its customers' needs regarding Melt Pressure Sensors.
Sand Industry,
Extruder Automation, Spare Parts and Extrusion Lines was established in 2016 in order to meet your demands on machinery and equipment needs.
Our company; By combining our Extruder Machinery Experiences, our Raw Material Information with our Trust in Technical Information and Customer Relations; It aims to bring a breath of fresh air to the sector and to become a “Solution Partner” to its customers, apart from traditional suppliers.
Sand Industry aims to provide “Quality, Economic, Timely” service to its customers' needs regarding Melt Pressure Sensors. For this purpose, Creating the MPS Brand; produce products according to customer needs and has started the sales of these products in Turkey.
The products we produce with our knowledge and experience; It has gained the appreciation and approval of our customers with its Sensitive Measurement, Anti-Interference Structure and Long Life. Also in our Sales Strategy; Sharing our experiences with our customers by applying “product selection according to usage conditions”, not just recommending products instead of standard products, is in line with our “Solution Partner” principle.
On the Customer Satisfaction and Demands we received; We have expanded our sales network and started to provide product supply and technical support to the neighboring countries.
Sand Industry; it has become indispensable for special products (product code, description, products with hidden technical specifications), by facilitating the work of its customers and gaining satisfaction.
Apart from the brands that we support sales and products, we also do Automation, Product Supply and Solution Partnership for our customers' needs for Extruder.
in Turkey and surrounding countries, the company is engaged with Extruder "Quality and Continuity Powered" to show our difference with a service, we gayesind hand in hand with our customers to climb the ladder of success.
We guarantee that we will show you the necessary care and dedication to our business partners in matters such as Quality Solution at Affordable Price, Delivery and Technical Support that are expected from the suppliers of all companies.
Thank you for your interest, We Wish You Good Work ..
Sand Industry Family ..
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