Accumulator Unit

Akümülatör Ünitesi
Our accumulator automation systems have the function to provide the time required for coil replacement during winding without stopping the sheet extrusion line. This unit can also be used as an additional cooling part in some sectors. These accumulators are our company's recommendation for large sheet extrusion lines. It is essential to use in high capacity and fast running lines.
The accumulator can be resolved with a buffer length of 36 m and 50 m.
In general, accumulators consist of several parts.
- The section with the rolls made of aluminum, completed with shafts and bearings,
- Used to move the rollers up and down when coil is changed reducer servo motor group,
Linear ruler, encoder or laser distance sensor group to know the location of the cylinders,
-Protective group around the accumulator group for safety regulation.
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