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Install Correctly

Mount Melt Pressure Transducers Correctly

Damage to a pressure transducer is usually caused by its insertion into an incorrectly machined hole. When forcing a transducer to a very small or eccentric hole, the transducer diaphragm can be crushed and the device will not work.
Available tool kits for machining the mounting hole will help you make sure the holes are the right size. A mounting torque of 100 to 200 inches lb (for 1 / 2-20 UNF threads) is required to create an adequate seal, but excessive mounting torque causes stuttering. To prevent seizure, apply a high temperature anti-seize compound to the transducer threads before installation. Converters mounted on a mounting torque above 500 in.-lb will be difficult to remove, even when an anti-seize compound is applied.
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