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Pressure Transmitter

Pressure Transmitter measures measured pressure level or change in standard electrical ...

Pressure is just one of many process variables. Pressure is described as the force it exerts on the cabinet unit surfaces due to gas and liquid molecular interaction. In order to control such variables, they must be measurable. Pressure sensors allow pressure to be measured. Pressure Transmitter is the name given to the process instruments that convert the measured pressure level or change to standard electrical values.
3 different pressure transmitters such as absolute pressure transmitter, gauge pressure transmitter, differential pressure transmitter can be used, depending on the system in which the pressure measurement is made. Different types of stainless steel, silicon, ceramic, diaphragm measuring cells are used in food, ventilation, chemistry, heating, gas industries, pharmaceutical industry, infrastructure and environmental technologies.
In many specific applications, besides the pressure transmitter selection, pressure measurement must first be considered. Pressure sensors are separated according to the reference pressure to be determined. Most commonly used pressure transmitters in the field; It is defined as absolute pressure transmitter, gauge presurre transmitter, differential pressure transmitter.
Melt pressure sensor, melt pressure transmitter, melt press. Pressure, measuring device, melt pressure transducer, plastic pressure, Melt pressure sensor, melt pressure, melt pressure transmitter, melt pressure temperature sensor and melt pressure transducer are also known products.
Absolute Pressure Measurement
Absolute pressure transmitter measures with a vacuum value whose pressure value is below zero. Absolute pressure sensor measures pressure with its own diaphragm perception with high-precision vacuum. This vacuum is negligible compared to the pressure to be measured.
Pressure Transmitter Applications
Machine tools
Machine building
Measurement and Control Technology
Hydraulics and Pneumatic
Pumps and Compressors
They are sensors that have a wide impact on production and industry-related results, but also in terms of product quality in many areas. For this reason, pressure measurement is an important and painstaking process. However, since measurement results cannot be used continuously by electronic devices, a differential pressure transformer must be used. Differential pressure measurement reveals the difference between different pressure levels. Values ​​are converted by the differential pressure transmitter.
Pressure transmitters observe interactions between values, changes in certain areas and in these areas and facilitate the emergence of problems. Pressure transmitters include the following features;
Transformers for different pressure types
Temperature transformers
Humidity transformers
Flow transformers
Voltage transformers
A quality differential pressure transmitter offers the following features;
Automatic zero point adjustment
Simple integration possibilities
Differentiating measurement
In some cases, adapting to humidity and temperature measuring instruments
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