Satışını Yaptığımız Basınç Sensörü Modelleri

Pressure Sensor Models We Sell

We provide pressure sensor accessories and direct sales of models.

As Sand Industry, we started to take place in the sector in 2016. In the initial phase, it was meeting the demands of the equipment in different machines and models. Later, by noticing the lack of pressure sensor, plans were developed for this market. Our company, which has made progress in line with plans, is among the rare companies that sell pressure sensors in Turkey today.
As a company, we provide pressure sensor accessories and direct sales of models. Although our product range was small at the beginning, we have increased this number gradually today. In this way, we have eliminated the obligation of companies that need pressure and temperature measurement during production and use, such as ordering from abroad. You can meet your demands thanks to your shopping by trusting us.
As Sand Industry, our main goal is to provide customer satisfaction without sacrificing quality. Since we know that high quality products will be appreciated and appreciated by customers, our plans are also in this direction. Our pricing is also specified in line with the quality. We do not offer very low prices in order to increase the customer potential. We create pricing to reflect our quality.
Among the products sold within the company:
Melt pressure sensors,
Melt Thermocouple,
Rupture disc,
Process measurement devices,
There is a melt pump.
The quality we have created for melt pressure sensors is also valid for our other products. By choosing us, you can easily meet your needs such as plastic pressure sensor, extruder pressure sensor. You can contact via phone number and site and have a delivery in a short time.
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