PT31-PT32 Series Melt Pressure Sensors

PT311 / PT3116 Series Melt Pressure Sensors
PT321 / PT3216 Series Melt Pressure Sensors
PT322 / PT3226 Series Melt Pressure and Temperature Sensors
PT311B / PT3116B Series Melt Pressure Sensors
PT321B / PT3216B Series Melt Pressure Sensors
PT322B / PT3226B Series Melt Pressure and Temperature Sensors
The products are mostly used in ultra high temperature melt pressure measurement. Ordinary high temperature melt pressure Transducers probe temperature does not exceed 400,, and ultra high temperature products, special materials and delivery pressure family, even at 535 temperatures, the scientific structural design appearance can work properly. The company's first technology in China.

Product features;
Pressure Range: 0 ~ 5MPa - 200MPa;
Accuracy: ± 0.5% FS, ± 1.0% FS;
Supply Voltage: 10V DC (6 ~ 12V DC);

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PT31-PT32 Serisi Eriyik Basınç Sensörleri
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